Pashtush - Corporate And Wedding Gifting

Pashtush stands at the forefront of luxury, redefining elegance through its bespoke institutional sales initiatives. Our journey in this arena is marked by prestigious collaborations and bespoke creations for a roster of esteemed clients, including top-tier corporations like HSBC Bank, Alembic Pharma, Miles Education, Mankind Pharma, Aristo, Tata, Zydus, Jeep, FICCI, Hansgrohe, and many more others. Additionally, our expertise in crafting personalized luxury has graced numerous celebrity weddings, where our products served as exclusive return favours, adding a touch of bespoke sophistication to these grand occasions.

Our approach to luxury retail transcends the conventional. At the core of our strategy lies a steadfast commitment to direct-to-consumer interactions. This not only facilitates a deeper understanding of our clientele's preferences but also ensures the delivery of products that perfectly encapsulate the essence of luxury and refinement that Pashtush represents. Our involvement in Meta's Fuel for India Program is a testament to this commitment. As a distinguished participant, we stand out as a leading business entity, pioneering in connecting skilled artisans directly with a global customer base spanning over 140 countries. This initiative underscores our role in bringing artisanal mastery to the global stage.

The clientele of Pashtush, spread across Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, is a diverse tapestry of individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Our products, a perfect amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, cater to this discerning audience. We have revolutionized the traditional shawl weaving industry by transforming it from a seasonal venture into a flourishing year-round enterprise. This strategic expansion into markets like Australia and New Zealand, where the climatic conditions are converse to the northern hemisphere, has ensured continuous engagement and employment for our artisans.