About us

Pashtush collections are carefully curated keeping in mind the rich traditional heritage of Indian Arts. Each piece is meticulously designed to alchemise tradition in a way that it finds a well deserved place in any modern wardrobe.

Born out of a eureka moment, because of this seasonality these beautiful handmade products , were lost in a long and tired supply chain – which was full of  a very expensive string of middlemen. Who would exploit their buying power and eventually make these shawls and stoles exponentially expensive to the end consumer.

So now, on one hand shawl lovers and patrons around the world were unable to access authentic products, and on the other artisans and manufacturers like us were unable to present our products directly to customers.

And that’s when we thought we are going to go digital.

With customers spanning across 120+ countries, Pashtush products are loved and patronised all around the world. 

You see shawls are an emotional product - specially in India - there is a whole sort of nostalgia and charm that’s built into it. There are emotions involved when you wear it close to your skin, and there are emotions involved when you gift it to someone. Because an artist has worked patiently to create this wearable piece of art.

The making of shawls, the sketching, the careful embroidering and decorating are simple pleasures in which senses are involved. Our goal at Pashtush is to glorify  this traditional art form and provide authentic luxurious products to all our patrons across the globe.


Interestingly, shawls were once only worn by men. The earliest accounts of shawls go back to ancient Egypt, and even Roman Noble men would drape shawls that would represent their social status.

With the advent of Victorian era, napoleon brought back Pashmina shawls to Europe and they because extraordinarily popular amongst high society in Europe,. Josephine had a collection of hundreds of handmade pashminas, and they were all worth their weight in gold.

Slowly shawls became synonymous with women. But with our new designs, and elaborate sizes we were able to bring mens shawls in back in Fashion. We were able to define that if you’re an Indian groom, this is your outfit and its incomplete without a Pashtush Shawl.