How to wash Pashmina Shawls ?

"Shawls are an investment, They are crafted art pieces that are usually passed on from one generation to another. Their exuberance and pompous craftsmanship has earned them worldwide respect and unending love. The finest quality of cashmere wool will keep you warm with a touch of class."

If you throw your delicate Pashtush Shawl in the harsh monstrosity of a washing machine, rest assured your shawl will not stand the test of time. Good things take patience, and that’s what the world loves about them, the care and concern that goes into not just buying a Pashtush shawl, but also in maintaining it.

Here are top 5 tips to maintain the longevity of your favorite pashmina shawls for years to come.

  1. Always take your shawl to a professional dry cleaner, as wringing or rubbing might damage the fine pashmina fibres in your shawl.

  2. When its summer, store your pashmina shawl in a muslin bag or cloth. Do not use Plastic for long term storage as it could damage the beauty of your shawl.

  3. Contrary to popular believe, do not place naphthalene balls or cakes pressed against the wool of your pashmina shawl. Not only do they lead to a foul smell but also the chemicals in such products might end up damaging the texture of your shawl.

  4. Use steam while ironing wool and make sure you set the temperature setting to “wool” on your steam iron. Use standardized ironing equipment as over heating might harm your pashmina shawl.

  5. Like all expensive things, it is always advisable to get your pashmina shawl through a professional restoration process once in a few years. If you wish to restore your Pashmina Shawl, you can connect with Pashtush Care here. It is perhaps due to this reason that Kashmiri shawls that were sold in Europe during the 18th and even the 17th century are well preserved in all their glory even to this day !

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