Kalamkari - The age old art of colour and handwork.

Kalamkari Shawls

The special thing about arts in India is how they all are interwoven and omnipresent through regions, times and cultures. The same element of art when placed in different age and regions of the country have metamorphosed into their own local version of it. This diversity gives flavour and uniqueness to each form of art. 

Kalamkari is an amalgamation of two words "kalam" means pen or brush and "kari" which means work. Together they form a word kalamkari which literally means the work of the pen. Kalamkari is one of the most traditional art form of India, Its symbolism exist throughout India in extraordinarily beautiful paintings on fabrics. 

A kalamkar or the artist traditionally used materials such as bamboo and wooden cut pens called kalams, and dipped them in inks made from pigments derived from vegetables to create and beautiful fabrics of all kinds. Kalamkari is a popular design form in ensembles such as saris, dupattas and most importantly Shawls.


The origin of Kalamkari Shawls is a beautiful alchemy of arts of the Northern States of India. As per historical accounts, it wasn't untill the late 18th Century that kalamkari work was commissioned on Kashmiri Shawls. Today the traditional patterns of printing are still resonating in designs and collections at Pashtush Shawls. The marriage of Embroidery and Printing takes place on each shawl, where often patterns that have been printed on soft wool shawls are outlined with hand embroidery in multi-coloured threads. The Pashtush Kalamkari Collection is exclusively available on www.pashtush.com or you can click here.

Kalamkari Shawls for Women

Pashtush Kalamkari Shawls

Beautiful paisleys printed in tens of vibrant colours chosen from the very own pallete of kalamkars. The Pashtush Kalamkari Shawls for women boasts of elaborate embroideries outlining an intricate pattern of prints. From sangeen jaals to Borders. From indigo blue to lime and sea green. 

Kalamkari Shawls for Men

The Beauty of Pashtush Kalamkari shawls has over the years earned its patronage of Gentlemen too. With printed borders and embroidered Pallas (lower part of a shawl), Pashtush Kalamkari shawls have become a fashion statement of class and sophistication for any Royal Gentleman.




  • Nalini

    I love Pashtush and how close it to Indian heritage. Thank you for bringing us so close to the culture of shawls was almost forgotten.

  • Saket Jajodia

    I want men’s & women’s kalamkari shawls& Kani shawls as well

  • kalamkari

    Nice designs and nice blog information. Thank you for sharing this content. For more Handmade clothes & kalamkari sarees

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