Being Classy - Pashtush mental guide to the art of dressing with class

Pashtush Scarf 

Throughout the history of fashion, women have craved the idea for extravagance. From elaborate dresses, to infusion of new materials and new silhouettes. What was considered debonair and downright crazy a decade ago is now part of everyday ensemble. The flamboyance in the art of dressing is by far the most deliberate human effort. It is this urge for sartorial superiority that sets you apart. It provides a sense of whimsical accomplishment, an overwhelming aura of luxury to be draped in fineness. 
Anyone can wear an expensive jacket or pull out a flashy dress, but it takes care concern and attention to choose one’s accessories. This is what separates the educated from the newly rich, the attention to detail. A scarf is by far the most versatile accessory that can add glamour and an extra air of sophistication to any outfit. At Pashtush you can choose from a wide range of scarves and shawls to complement your mood. From woven florals to embellished intricate embroideries. Each Pashtush scarf carries a story, it carries a mood. Be unique in your own way, and have fun playing with colours textures and materials. The personality of every Pashtush scarf is distinct and defined.
Wear a tight haute couture dress with distinctly stiff silhouette and complement it with an ultra-soft Pashtush scarf. This plays a beautiful alchemy of two materials so far apart from each other in hand-feel and touch, yet worn on the same body. The possibilities are endless and it is so much fun to decide on an outfit with great thought and then go about all day carefree. Knowing that you look beautiful and flawlessly elegant.

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