About Us part 2

Pashtush Shawls are colourful symbols of Pomp and Glory. Pashtush Shawls are woven nostalgia. With a royal lineage and rich cultural heritage shawls are believed to be the first garment worn by mankind. This simple accessory has taken shape and form throughout the thresholds of time and has inspired thousands of craftsmen across regions, languages and boundaries.

The most important thing that separates man from rest of the animal kingdom is our innate need to create and appreciate art.  Pashtush embodies this creative spirit and is well reflected in the design and brand language. In fact making and patronising art is the most voluntary aspect of human life. It is a sign of prosperity of any time.

The making of shawls, the sketching, the careful embroidering and decorating are simple pleasures in which senses are involved. Our goal at Pashtush is to glorify  this traditional art form and provide authentic luxurious products to all our patrons across the globe.