Most Important Travel Accessory, The Pashmina

That long awaited trip is finally here. You’ve packed your bags. Made sure all essentials such as toothbrush (hopefully), socks, underwear and travel perfume (oh please) are all in place. But aren’t you forgetting something? Your most important travel companion! Yes, your pashmina.


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There are a thousand things that you might need on this trip but the last time you promised to travel lighter. Quite much of an oxymoron isn’t it? Enter life savers, the multi-use and double duty items, The king of them all is your all talented pashmina.

I’m not going too far when I say that pashmina is the “do-all” and “be-all” tool for packing light. Why? The life and weight savers are those things that double and serve more than one purpose and a Pashmina is truly the king of form and function.

Why you should carry a Pashmina.

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  • It’s the perfect blend of form, fashion and function.
  • Double up as a snugly blanket on your flight.
  • The mall’s air conditioning is a torture! (tell me about it), A pashmina can keep you comfortable as you glide through the mall, embraced in luxury like the princess that you are.
  • A day at the beach? No problem, you pashmina is your perfect cover-up for the bathing suit.
  • Wrap it around your waist and its better than any sarong you ever owned.
  • Holiday sun can be too harsh for your beautiful skin. It’s time to channel your inner Audrey. Drape it around and over your head and glam the look with your oversized sunglasses.

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  • Your wore that dress yesterday. You didn’t if you wear it today with a scarf.

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Without taking much space in your carry-on the pashmina is a must have clothing item while on travel. If you visit religious sites, you can use it as either to cover your head and shoulders or as a makeshift skirt and comply with the dress code.


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Mothers are always finding pashmina more useful than anyone.

  • Nursing up the infants.
  • Changing the baby.
  • Filtering the sun from the baby’s stroller.
  • As a blanket for the baby when its cold.
  • A soft pillow to rest the baby’s head, while being gentle to the skin.

When walking in around in touristy places, especially in Europe where the crowd is always stylish, A pashmina is your ticket to up your fashion game.

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Here are some customers who’ve shared their shawl stories with us.

"I barely every go out without my pashmina. The latest checkered one practically resides in my purse. I wrap it while having dinner in our favorite restraint or riding in a car with my husband who apparently loves air conditioning. If I’m meddled in a rainy day, the Pashmina becomes my temporary umbrella. When I’m travelling I make sure to carry at least two of them. One is a paisley beige and the other is colorful. The colorful one becomes my go to accessory to change the look of my outfits from one day to another. And the other becomes my comforter or rolled up as a soft pillow on a long chilly flight." – Julia Brown, London, United Kingdom.

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