Why are scarves a womans best friend ?


Remember that old school companion that always hung somewhere around you. That innocent smiling face that always looked at you with kind eyes, full of hope love and compassion. Remember that all comforting embrace, those words slowly rolled into your ears. The familiar touch. The everlasting scent of someone that lasts just a while longer than it should. Remember feeling oddly familiar in a place you’ve never been before. Our senses play games that our minds can comprehend. It is a language not spoken, only felt.

Scarves are crowns draped around necks. They are the least functional yet most important garment in your wardrobe, serving perhaps the only purpose of lighting up your outfit with the beauty and art. Scarves are canvases to your face. They are the frames of your portrait and cradles of your chin. They are your familiar friend. Their hug is their loving embrace. Their scent lingers a while after you’ve left the room. Woven in textures that sing songs of passion, art and beauty. Fitting into your purse or nonchalantly draped around your shoulders, scarves are quiet reminders of the woman you are. They are silent announcements of style and loud symbols of comfort, wellness and prosperity.

-Team Pashtush India

pashtush scraves

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